‘Not Equal Not Safe’ Vigil and screening of ‘Everything’s Better than a Hooker’

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Credit: Juno Mac

Wednesday November 25th is International Day to End Violence Against Women. Join Scot-Pep at the Scottish Parliament at 4pm to hold a socially-distanced vigil.

We want to tell MSPs that the criminalisation of sex work fuels violence against women who sell sex.

Scottish Government policy means that sex workers are #NotEqualNotSafe, and proposals to introduce the criminalisation of clients will only worsen sex workers’ vulnerability to violence and harm. No woman is safe until sex workers are safe. Decriminalisation now.

Please wear a mask and stay 2m+ away from anyone not in your household. We will bring additional masks and hand sanitiser. We will bring candles that you can light.

Meet at 4pm, on Wednesday 25th November, outside the Scottish Parliament Building. All welcome.

In collaboration with Glasgow Zine Library, Scot-Pep are hosting a screening of the documentary ‘Everything is Better than a Hooker’, 6 – 8pm, on Friday 27th November.

“Everything’s Better than a Hooker” is a powerful documentary that discusses sex worker rights and to what extent a government should be able to control its citizens.

It tells the story of Eva-Marée, a Swedish sex-worker who lost custody of her children when social services found out she had briefly worked as an escort. She fought to regain custody in court and for her right to work as a sex worker in Sweden but didn’t live to see an end to the stigma. In 2013 she was murdered by her ex partner, the father of her children, during a supervised visit with social services.

The film will be followed by a 30-minute panel discussion with Scot-Pep, reflecting on the film and the current push for a ‘Swedish model’ approach to sex work in Scotland.

We will also share information about the Equally Safe consultation and what you can do to get involved and support sex workers’ safety.

For more information and to book tickets go to Glasgow Zine Library here.


Photo: Juno Mac. Sex Workers march in Soho, London. March 2018. 

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