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Scot-Pep has developed resources for sex workers, allies and others to raise awareness about sex workers’ safety and rights. 

Our resources include ‘Know Your Rights’ cards, available to download in multiple languages, that provide information for indoor sex workers when dealing with the police in Scotland, and briefing papers on the different legal models used to approach sex work around the world. 

We believe that sex workers should have access to non-judgmental guidance informed by the lived experiences of sex workers themselves, and we continue to update our resources, responding to changing conditions and legislation. If there is anything you would like advice on, a resource you would like to see, or a community resource you would like to share please get in touch with us.

About Scot-Pep

Introduction to Scot Pep leaflet

Responding to the 'Equally Safe' Consultation

Responding to the Equally Safe Consultation-page-001

Summary of Proposed Legislation

Sum of proposed changes briefing SCOT PEP

The Swedish Model

The Swedish Model Summary - SCOT PEP

The New Zealand Model

The New Zealand Model Summary

Sex Work is Not CSE

Sex work is not CSE

Assumptions Used to Discredit Sex Workers


Sex Worker Rights are an LGBTQI+ issue


Know Your Rights