We are committed to promoting health, dignity and human rights for all involved in sex work.

We believe that sex work is work, and deserves the same protections as other work sectors. We believe in the decriminalisation of sex work, including the purchase and sale of sex and other activities related to sex work.

We believe in the right of sex workers to self determination, to organise, unionise, speak out and be heard. We believe that all involved in sex work deserve the right to speak and be listened to, and that denying a voice to sex workers is damaging to sex workers and society in general.

We believe that sex workers are best served by a holistic rights-based approach to service delivery that seeks to impact not only on sexual health and personal safety but also on well-being, personal development, and human and civil rights.

We are committed to combating trafficking for the purposes of sexual exploitation, and strongly oppose forced labour, and the coercion of any human being into the sex industry.