LEAP (Lothians & Edinburgh Abstinence Programme)

  Description / information
Name of service LEAP (Lothians & Edinburgh Abstinence Programme)
Remit & Target group LEAP is a programme for people dependent on substances who want to achieve a substance-free recovery.
It is for patients living in Edinburgh and the Lothians and is a programme based on abstinence from all drugs, incl. alcohol.
Services Provided Street sex worker specific (if any) General
  One to one therapeutic work with therapist.
Participation in a woman’s group.
Aftercare provision.
LEAP offers a pathway to achieve a drug and alcohol free recovery. LEAP delivers a high quality treatment in a community setting through a three month, quasi-residential programme. It involves structured activities every day. There is group work, workshops, presentations and education, training, recreation and relaxation.
Professionals available
(e.g. clinical staff, social workers, drug specialists etc)
Doctor, Nurses and Therapists.
Does your service use volunteers / peer educators etc.? To a limited extent and more in a support function.
Where do you offer service(s) from?
(e.g. base/location, outreach, community clinic, drop-in etc)
Day programme at Malta House, Stockbridge, Edinburgh.

Supported accommodation at Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh.
Service hours / days N/A – Three month day programme.
Catchment area Edinburgh and Lothians.
Eligibility criteria
(including any restrictions e.g. must be drug free / agree to...)
Referrals will be accepted regarding individuals who are considered to be motivated and ready to accept a programme based on total abstinence from all psychoactive dugs. They will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• Age 18+
• Drug/alcohol dependent
• Showing motivation to change
• Willing to be abstinent from all psychoactive substances
• Able to engage in a seven day per week intensive community programme for 12 weeks and be willing to attend aftercare groups thereafter
• Willing to move into supported accommodation, where necessary, for the duration of the programme
Charging policy
(if any)
None (centrally funded)
Referral Process
(e.g. self or third party referral)
Referrals from the statutory and voluntary sectors. Examples are GPs, drug and alcohol services, voluntary sector, drug detox, housing, criminal Justice, social work.
Referral information required
(including e.g. anonymous access permitted / full identity disclosure required etc)
Full assessment preferred (SSA; MAP or other specific service-specific assessment)
Current or last GP
Drug history
Summary of medical and psychiatric history
Summary of previous treatment or intervention
Children and dependents
Housing situation
Prescribed medication
Social and family situation
Referrer’s contact details
Contact information
(for service users)
Telephone: 0131 332 3228
Fax: 0131 332 3294
Malta House
1 Malta Terrace
Edinburgh EH4 1HR
Access details
(e.g. induction loop, disabled access, language support available etc)
One step up to main door; disabled toilet; all rooms on ground floor.