Assessment Homelessness and Support ( Neighbourhood Support Team)

  Description / information
Name of service Assessment Homelessness and Support ( Neighbourhood Support Team)
Remit & Target group Anti Social Behaviour, Vulnerability, tenants in danger of becoming homeless
Services Provided Street sex worker specific (if any) General
  Home visiting service, or meeting in an appropriate setting such as Scotpep. Examples of a support plan: Look at lifestyle changes, Assist with benefits if applicable, other finances, encourage each client to engage with specialist services/agencies such as addictions, health counselling. Housing where there are issues We provide support plans that improve the sustainability and stability of the client’s tenancies and helps build good relationships with neighbours and communities. The NST will work in conjunction with other relevant voluntary and statutory service providers to assist client’s reach full potential.
Professionals available
(e.g. clinical staff, social workers, drug specialists etc)
As we use case management approach we refer to other professional and statutory services.
Does your service use volunteers / peer educators etc.? NO
Where do you offer service(s) from?
(e.g. base/location, outreach, community clinic, drop-in etc)
Primarily home visiting service, but clients can come to the office or other appropriate meeting places
Service hours / days Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5.30pm
Friday 8.30 – 3.40pm
Catchment area City of Edinburgh
Eligibility criteria
(including any restrictions e.g. must be drug free / agree to...)
Eligibility to access NST support
1. Nuisance, the behaviour of one or more people that causes alarm, annoyance, harassment, distress, disregard to an individuals rights and wellbeing. The client is in breach or potential breach of their tenancy obligations.
2. Capability, lack or absence of abilities, means resources, capacities, facilities, or aptitude.
3. Vulnerability, The presence of tendency towards susceptibility, weakness, helplessness, gullibility, liability, defencelessness.
Charging policy
(if any)
Funded by Supporting People
Referral Process
(e.g. self or third party referral)
Referrals taken from any statutory or voluntary service, also self referrals are accepted
Referral information required
(including e.g. anonymous access permitted / full identity disclosure required etc)
Full identity disclosure required, find enclose a referral form
Contact information
(for service users)
Telephone: Anne Barrett NST/YPS Project Supervisor 0131 527 3871
Telephone (alternative): Helen Weekes NST/YPS Project Supervisor 0131 529 3582
Access details
(e.g. induction loop, disabled access, language support available etc)