Frequently Asked Questions...

How soon can a pregnancy test tell if I'm pregnant?

Even the most sensitive tests may give false negatives up to 17 days after becoming pregnant.  With home testing kits, results are more likely to be reliable after 3 weeks. 

If I'm working while pregnant, what should I think about?

Try to reduce your shifts in the first few months, and try not to see any clients who tend to be rough.  Some clients find pregnant women a turn-on, and you may get a temporary client group.  Make sure they understand your boundaries and behave gently.  You may feel more vulnerable and emotional during your pregnancy.  Remember to be aware of security - don't take chances, A client's body odour or breath may exacerbate morning sickness, as can some lubes and condoms.  As your pregnancy progresses, you'll need to get clothes and underwear that will give you enough support. 

Is it okay to have sex if I'm pregnant?

Sexual intercourse is relatively safe in a 'low-risk' pregnancy until the 8th month, unless your doctor advises you otherwise.  A 'low-risk' pregnancy  means no history of stillbirth or miscarriage, no diabetes or another serious illness, no possibility of multiple births, and you're under 35.  Your immune system is vulnerable Your immune system is vulnerable and therefore kissing may leave you open to flu and colds.  Remember that some medications are harmful to pregnant women. Don' t allow clients to blow into or near your vagina - this can cause an air embolism. It's rare, but potentially fatal, and pregnant women are at increased risk - it could cause complications for both you and the foetus.  It's really important to practise safe sex all the time.  During pregnancy your body is more susceptible to infections, especially genital warts.  Most STIs don't harm the baby, but if they're present at birth this coud cause problems.  See the page on STIs and Pregnancy for more information.

Going for sexual health tests is perfectly safe and swabs will not harm the baby.

I'm pregnant and experiencing blood loss. What should I do?

Stop working and see a doctor immediately.  Spotting during pregnancy can be normal, but then again it might be a warning of something more serious. 

When can I have sex again after having a baby?

Usually 6 weeks after giving birth, depending on whether you had a Caesarean or vaginal birth, and whether there were any complications, such as forceps or ventous.  If you have a Caesarean scar it will be tender and sex in the missionary position may be uncomfortable - go on top. 

If you had an episiotomy (a surgical cut into the perineum - the skin between the vagina and anus) during delivery, it may cause pain for a number of weeks.  If intercourse is painful 6 weeks after delivery, talk to your doctor.  Instead of offering penetrative sex you could offer oral, massage or use your hands or breasts. 

If you're breastfeeding, you may find a new client group who find this a turn-on - Breastfeeding.

If you suffer from dryness, or if you've had stitches which cause you discomfort, water-based lubricants may help. 

How soon could I get pregnant again after having a baby?

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security - you could get pregnant as early as 3 weeks after the birth.  You ovulate about 2 weeks before your period, so you could get pregnant again before your periods have even returned. 

When will my periods come back after childbirth?

If you're not breastfeeding, your first period could start as early as could start as early as 5 weeks after the birth.  If you are breastfeeding, your periods might not come back until you've stopped, but don't rely on this as a method of contraception - see the page on Breastfeeding for more information.


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