SWOU Sex Workers' Rights Festival - Glasgow

UPDATE: 'Sex Workers' Rights Festival', 5th - 10th April 2013 in Glasgow.

SWOU, in partnership with SCOT-PEP, are holding the 'Sex Workers' Rights Festival', 5th - 10th April 2013 in Glasgow

Download the programme  - with full times and venue details - HERE!

PLEASE NOTE: Change of venue and start time (12 noon) for Saturday 6th April.  Due to STUC pulling out of their agreement for the venue at the last minute (see PRESS RELEASE here) the venue for Saturday is now:

Kinning Park Complex
43 Cornwall Street
G41 1BA

How to find us‘ on the KPC website.

The festival aims to raise awareness of sex workers’ struggle for recognition of their labour and human rights, particularly relevant now as we face criminalisation attempts in Scotland, as well as building up a community of sex worker’s rights activists at the local, regional and international level.

Sex Worker Open University (SWOU) has a renowned history of organising events for and by the sex worker community. This year, in partnership with SCOT-PEP, they are bringing SWOU to Scotland!!

Scotland is one of the most recent countries to come under scrutiny over its sex work laws. This has led to the rise of anti-sex work groups campaigning for the introduction of an “End Demand” approach to sex work policy. This event is extremely timely for us to stand together and say NO to further criminalisation of our work, including the criminalisation of our clients.

SWOU’s Sex Workers’ Rights Festival will incorporate a variety of events, including presentations on different legal systems from sex workers and academics, erotic and professional skill sharing workshops, art shows, film nights and public education workshops. SWOU, as the organising collective, has decided to also create sex worker-only spaces where Taboo subjects, such as sex work and violence, sex work and money or sex work and addiction/mental health can be discussed.

For any questions, email: contact [dot] swou [at] gmail [dot] com or glasgow [dot] swou [at] gmail [dot] com

We are very honored to host Maria Nengah Mensah and Chris Bruckert who will facilitate a two-day training "Reducing Stigma and Building our Capacity". This workshop is FREE and limited to 20 sex workers and former sex workers ONLY and will take place in Glasgow on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th of February. Please register by emailing :  nengeh [at] videotron [dot] ca

This workshop is a unique opportunity for sex workers to develop their knowledge as an educator, reinforce their capacity to confront whorestigma, learn about the principles of public education, and share knowledge, skills and ideas around diverse trainings about sex work.   

This workshop provides a space for sex workers to reflect upon stigma while learning how to do public education. Participants will: 

§ Develop and reinforce the capacity to reduce the negative impacts of stigma in public outreach settings; 
§ Reinforce their capacity to effectively identify and maximise an educative moment on sex work; and
§ Develop and improve public education skills

Each participant will receive an accompanying Workshop Guide that includes the objectives and unfolding of each activity; definitions and information that will be explained by the facilitators; and Powerpoint slides. In addition this guide has some workbook-like spaces for participants to note their ideas and reflections throughout the workshop.