It is with profound sadness that members of SCOT-PEP and Umbrella Lane say goodbye to a fierce and influential advocate, Laura Lee. Although many of us remain stunned by the news, we reflect upon Laura's contribution to the direction and growth of the sex workers’ rights movement in Scotland, and to our imaginings of what a world could be like if sex workers enjoyed the same rights as all other workers.


The time and investment Laura Lee has made to sex workers in Scotland and all over the world is insurmountable. In her fight for law reform, she had to endure incredible amounts of stigma and concerted attempts by many to stifle her spirit and deny her a voice. 


The movement in Scotland mourns the loss of our dear colleague and friend. Those who knew Laura Lee understood her power and those who did not, be sure to read about her, watch her interviews and let her message inspire you.


In honour of Laura Lee and her loving daughter Catherine, rally towards sex workers’ rights and decriminalisation. This is her legacy and this is our collective project.



Please Give Generously to her JustGiving Page 


Image of Laura Lee