Email your candidates: SCOTPEP launches Holyrood election campaigning tool!

Email your candidates: SCOTPEP launches Holyrood election campaigning tool!

We have today launched a tool that enables supporters of sex worker safety in Scotland to easily email their candidates in the up-coming elections to the Scottish Parliament. You can find the tool HERE.


For hundreds of our grassroots supporters across Scotland – and particularly of course for sex workers themselves – candidates’ views on sex worker safety are a key piece of information when people are determining who to vote for.


Our tool enables voters to simply enter their postcode and be walked through the process of emailing their candidates, with a basic template letter (that people are encouraged to edit) and all their candidates’ email addresses right there. The tool can be used pseudo-anonymously if sex workers don’t feel comfortable emailing their candidates about this under their legal names.

The level of interest among voters in sex worker rights speaks to a sea-change in Scottish policymaking, away from failed punitive approaches and towards rights, safety, and harm reduction. We encourage our Scotland-based supporters to use this tool, and for everyone, regardless of where they are based, to spread the word to their friends and contacts. Let’s tell the MSPs who will form the next session of the Scottish Parliament that sex worker safety is important to voters!

sex workers protest: sign says 'decriminalise sex work'