Sex workers and allies speaking out

Speaking Out will feature articles written by sex workers and their allies on any issue they choose; obviously the views expressed may not reflect those of the SCOT-PEP Board, Campaign Group or Company Members. If you'd like to contribute to Speaking Out, please contact us.

Open letter to a former sex worker

Tue May 15th @ 17:32

I’m not going to be polite to non-sex worker prohibitionists; so far as I’m concerned, Object and UK Feminista et al are what happens when feminism gets dutch elm disease and rots from the inside out. However, because I’m arguing in good faith, I think it is appropriate to assume that other people are too, and so when I come across (former) sex workers who have very different opinions to me, I think a good starting point is one of respectful engagement. We don’t need to try to shout each other down. We’ve all experienced the way that the stigma around sex work is used to silence us; we don’t need to silence each other, too. That’s doing patriarchy’s job for it.

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10% of medical students are... what now?

Sat March 10th @ 13:05

According to the Sun, there's a 10% chance that the junior doctor sitting in front of you in a few years time spent his or her years at medical school working as an escort. ABC News says they're being driven to it to pay off rising student loans. The Telegraph claims that it's acquaintances of medical students who are most at risk. Luckily, the Birmingham Mail says this is just a local problem.

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Boy Meets SCOT-PEP

Fri March 2nd @ 15:28

SCOT-PEP's Co-Chair reminisces about how he became involved with SCOT-PEP and why he can never leave.

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