SCOT-PEP Campaigns

SCOT-PEP has campaigned and lobbied for the rights of sex workers for over 20 years. Some battles, like the provision of safe sex supplies that met the needs of sex workers rather than the needs of health board purchasing contracts, have been fought in private, in small closed meetings. Others, such as our ongoing struggle to oppose the classification of sex work as 'commerical sexual exploitation' and violence against women, are being fought publicly and bitterly. 

It is difficult to judge how much to share publicly. These pages will provide a synopsis of the issues, our position and the arguments presented by both sides of the debate. For a more active discussion, please visit our forums and contribute there. If you would like to join our Campaigning Group or our e-campaign group and be directly involved, please voice [at] scot-pep [dot] org [dot] uk (subject: Campaigning%20Group) (contact us).