Having a Voice

Sex workers have always struggled to be heard, to be accepted and to be listened to with respect. In the current political climate in Scotland, the purchase of sex is defined as violence against women and the Scottish Government have sanctioned the view that sex workers' dissenting voices do not have the right to be heard. We do not accept this view.

We believe that sex work can be a choice, and a positive choice, and that sex workers have the right to work without fear of stigma or oppression. We believe that only rights can stop the wrongs, and that laws to restrict or criminalise sex work have put sex workers at increased risk of violence and abuse. We believe that speaking out makes sex workers more powerful, that organising, campaigning and lobbying make sex workers more empowered, and that no one understands the complexities of the sex industry and the issues that sex workers face better than the people who work within it.

Our Campaigns page provides an overview of the issues that we are concentrating our campaigning efforts on, and as time goes by will include a summary of "closed" campaigns, including outcomes.

Speaking Out is our blog, written by sex workers and their allies, covering a range of topics from personal experiences, opinions, media coverage of SCOT-PEP, views from the sex worker rights movement and more.

We will be polling our website visitors on sex work issues; please take the time to vote and make your opinions known.