Students, Researchers & the Media

A note to researchers, students, reporters and journalists

SCOT-PEP has NO funding other than donations from our Supporters.

Please be aware that SCOT-PEP does not take payment for research or media work, but we rely on our supporters' generosity to continue our campaigning.  Please consider making a donation if your research or journalism benefited from our input, at this link.

As our Board and Campaign Group members are all volunteers were therefore lack the capacity to respond as we would like to the many requests and approaches we receive for interviews, information and research questions.  Our priority is to meet the immediate and long-term needs of sex workers in Scotland and that is where we prioritise our very limited resources.
Therefore we would ask that you consider your responses to the following questions before you contact us:  
  • What is your relationship to the sex industry?  
  • How do you believe that this project or story will directly benefit sex workers?  For example, if this is a research project, how will you compensate the sex workers involved?
  • All work on sex workers involves some risk to the sex workers involved. How have you considered these risks and how will you prevent them?
  • How have sex workers been involved in the creation of, planning and execution of this project or story?      
If you can answer those questions positively then we will of course try our very best to provide you with any help we can.
If instead of, or in addition to, your project you would like to contribute to the movement for sex worker justice, please feel free to make a donation on our website (details here.)  Thank you for supporting our work.
If you are interested in joining our Campaign Group you can email us at voice [at] scot-pep [dot] org [dot] uk. Read more here.