Briefing Papers

Briefing Note for MSPs on Swedish Model

SCOT-PEP response to Rhoda Grant Consultation - Criminalisation of the Purchase of Sex

Briefing Paper on Criminalisation of Purchase of Sex

Justice Committee Submission June 2012

The Justice Committee met on the 19th of June 2012 to consider Rhoda Grant's proposal to be allowed to "frast track" her bill to criminalise the purchase of sex in Scotland. She argued that Trish Godman's 2011 consultation had already covered the ground, and that she should be allowed to "piggy back" onto it and submit a draft proposal without any consultation. The Justice Committee rejected her proposal, we'd like to think in part to our own submission (below).

The Trafficking Debate & Sex Work

There has been increasing debate about the issue of human trafficking in Scotland, with particular emphasis on trafficking as it relates to sex work.  This paper attempts to separate sensationalist arguments in favour of informed evidenced-based discussion. Published February 2012.

The Criminalisation of the Purchase and Sale of Sex - A Briefing Note for MSPs

In November 2010, Trish Godman MSP put forward a consultation document1  on a private members bill entitled ‘Criminalisation of the Purchase and Sale of Sex (Scotland)’.  The proposals put forward options to criminalise either both the seller and the purchaser of sex, or to criminalise only the purchaser, as well as related selling activities. Produced July 2011.

Open Letter: Cause for Concern - The End of an Era

An open letter outlining SCOT-PEP's concerns about NHS Lothian's drastic reduction in the level of funding for support services for female sex workers in Edinburgh from 1st April 2009. Published April 2009.

Over the Parapet

A short study into the needs and aspirations of sex workers in Edinburgh, commissioned as SCOT-PEP began to wind down service provision in March 2009, with the hope that it might act as a catalyst to encourage more coordinated and long-term service development in Edinburgh. Published in July 2009.

A Stitch in Time

A short study into the needs of women working in the sex industry in Edinburgh, including analysis of the immediate changes in the street sex working scene after the loss of the informal "tolerance zone" in Coburg Street. Published July 2003.